Hi I'm Richard Gillard.  Welcome to my new West Wind Music web-site - the place where you can learn a little about me and the songs I have written over the years.

You may already know  "The Servant Song" (Brother Sister Let Me Serve You) or "Lift High the Banners of Love" - songs I wrote in the mid 1970s as a member of the St Paul's Singers in Auckland, New Zealand.  You may not know anything about my newer material but as you explore this site hopefully you will come to know some of it and even want to play and sing it yourself.  Use the tabs at just below my cow banner to navigate this site or check out some of the sites listed below....

Links to my Burgeoning Internet Empire
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The Official West Wind Music You Tube Page
                          eventual home of all video clips of  my 'spiritual songs'

My first You Tube Page
                         see some favorite clips of mine and the odd upload from me

My Sound Cloud page                          
                                        - not everyone's cup of foaming Jeyes Fluid

The Razor's Edge Café

                                 -  my sometimes funny, sometimes heretical blog