As My Home Page says my name is Richard Gillard  I was born a good while ago now in the county of Wiltshire, in south-western England and emigrated to New Zealand in 1956.   I am the son of Charles and Barbara Gillard, and brother of Robert, Elizabeth, Rachel, Peter and Rebekah (most of whom are know more by the contractions of these names).  Sadly my mum, Barbara and my sister Rachel are no longer with us

As I am 58 years old, it will come as no surprise that I have grown up children and 4 grandchildren.  My grandchildren are a great joy to me and I love them very much.  I love my kids too - they are wonderful human beings and I'm proud of each of them.

I like to play guitar, sing, write songs, make incomprehensible electronic music, read theology and science fiction and walk the dog.

I am married to Sue and will have been for 37 years come December.  We made the mistake of getting married very close to Christmas and our wedding anniversary is often lost in the madness of end - of - year parties, Christmas Shopping and preparations for summer vocations.  That's how it is in the Southern hemisphere.  We met at St Paul's

Sue likes to play golf,  sew (she's into quilting), sing, garden, breed budgies and dote on her grandchildren

I am a member of "The Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia" Christened in England, confirmed here in Whangarei at approximately 15 years, a synods representative for my parish - part of the Diocese of Auckland -  and a musician there (I guess, by some people's understanding of things,  I lead worship).

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I live now in Whangarei, in the north of New Zealand's prosaically named North Island.  Sue and I moved here about 4½ years ago.  Whangarei has a largely sunny, subtropical climate  and is built at the head of a large harbour. The pace of life is slower here than in Auckland and by and large the people are friendlier than in Auckland.  In our suburb, Maunu, I get a lot of friendly 'good mornings'  as I walk my dog in the mornings.  There are a lot of well established gardens here and some lovely parks and reserves of native forest.
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I've been writing songs since I learned to play a ukulele at age 7.  My first songs were a kind of immature pentecostal propaganda set to music.  I got praised for writing them  - that was encouraging.  I didn't get too serious about song-writing until I found myself a member of St Paul's Anglican Church in Symonds Street, Auckland New Zealand, and a member of the 'St Paul's Singers. More praise, more encouragement and a chance to record some of my songs - thanks John!!