here be the titles of my songs (scroll all the way down):

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In the Current Millenium:

Here at His Table.   Hear it on You Tube (click here)

The Rose and His Tree

I Thirst for You, My God (Ps 42 & 43)  Hear it on You Tube (click here)

Rachel's Psalm (Ps 121)

Sing, Sing, People of Faith.

Come Now, Lord Jesus
(Lyrics: Shirley Murray, tune Richard Gillard)

Safe Harbour Be, God of Us All
(tune: The Water is Wide)

Psalm 22
written for  Maundy Thursday)

With My Eyes I See Bread
(words:  Rev. Mark Beale, music: Richard Gillard)

Songs by others (that I administer)

 The Lord's Prayer (from the Thusia Mass)
( John Smith &  Richard Gillard)

 The Stars Danced (Barbara Gillard)

 There's a New Song in the land
            (John Smith).

 Those Who Trust in the Lord.
             (John Smith)

Other John Smith penned songs which I will list shortly

There were others through the 70s & 80s though they are less well known and I do not seriously expect too many enquiries about them.  If you think you are singing a song of mine not listed here, drop me an email with the first few lines included and I'll get back to you.
The Eighties and the Nineties

Call me On -  Hear it on You Tube (click here)

For You are My God (ps 63) - Hear it on You Tube (click here)

We will Delight in You -  Hear it on You Tube (click here)

My Heart is Open - Hear it on You Tube (click here)

He will Surely Come -  Hear it on You Tube (click Here)

Wholeheartedly - Hear it on You Tube (click here)

And They magnified the Lord    Hear it on You Tube (click here)

Jesus in Our Midst Hear it On You  Tube (click here)

Make Jesus KnownHear it on You Tube (click here)

We Long to see Your Spirit come Hear it on You Tube (click here)

The Child in Mary's Arms - Hear it On You Tube (click here)

There will be more You Tube clips in time,though I will need to borrow my friends' Video camera again...

From the Seventies:

Brother Sister Let me Serve you      Hear it on You Tube (click here)

Lift High the Banners of Love

Worthy the Lamb

The River of God

Worthy the Lamb

Between the Singing Mountains

Death Where is Your Sting.

Here's to You, My Elusive God.

Holy, Holy, Holy Lord Almighty

The Wind of the Spirit